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Endodontic Services in Encinitas

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North County Endodontics provides endodontic services in Encinitas, CA. Call 760-944-0048 to learn more and schedule an appointment.

Our primary goal is to save your natural teeth whenever possible.

Our practice specializes in Endodontics, commonly referred to as root canal therapy. Endodontics is the treatment of the pulp and surrounding tissues of a tooth. 

While all endodontists are dentists, less than three percent of dentists are endodontists. Just like a doctor in any other field, endodontists are specialists because they’ve completed an additional two or more years of training beyond dental school. Their additional training focuses on diagnosing tooth pain and performing root canal treatment and other procedures relating to the interior of the tooth.

Specialized Technology and Tools

Endodontic treatment requires absolute precision. Less invasive techniques using specialized hand tools, devices, imaging technology, and ultrasonic tools help us deliver successful results.

 Emergency Dental and Endodontic Treatments

Our endodontic specialists are here to provide relief from pain and to save natural teeth with emergency dental care.

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