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Root Canal Therapy in Encinitas, CA

For more than 25 years, the endodontic specialists at North County Endodontics have saved countless teeth using non-surgical root canal therapy. If you need to schedule a root canal, call 760-944-0048or send us a message.

What Is A Root Canal?

A root canal is a non-surgical endodontic procedure that saves natural teeth, preventing tooth loss.  Root canal therapy has never been more efficient, effective, and comfortable for patients, thanks to significant advancements in endodontic tools and techniques. 

Root canals are required for teeth that have developed significant decay or sustained severe deterioration, which cannot be corrected with dental fillings or dental crowns alone. Root canals are also necessary for teeth that have developed infection or inflammation within the pulp of the tooth.

Other patients will need a root canal as the last line of defense against tooth loss for teeth that have sustained traumatic dental injuries. Moreover, patients who have been diagnosed with a condition called resorption may also require a root canal to prevent tooth loss.

At North County Endodontics, we prioritize patient comfort and successful outcomes. Fearful or anxious patients may request mild sedation via nitrous oxide to help relax during the procedure. Each operatory in our practice allows patients to watch television or listen to music using noise-canceling headphones during the procedure. 

Once the area surrounding the tooth to be treated is completely numb, using a high-power microscope, our expert root canal specialists will create a tiny hole in the tooth to access the interior. Infected pulp, decay, debris, and bacteria will be removed from the inside of the tooth. The inside of the tooth will then be thoroughly cleaned using the GentleWave device.

North County Endodontics was the first endodontic practice to use the GentleWave device, which uses sound waves to carry disinfecting fluids throughout the complex canal anatomy. Your endodontist may then further irrigate the canals with ozone to prevent future infection before sealing the tooth with a biocompatible material.  Once the canal system has been cleaned, disinfected, and sealed, a temporary filling will be placed over the canal system to seal the area until the permanent restoration is ready.

For most patients, a root canal takes no longer than a dental filling. You should not experience pain during the procedure. If you received mild sedation with nitrous oxide, the effects will wear off within just minutes of the gas being turned off, allowing you to drive yourself home from the appointment.

Benefits of A Root Canal

Root canals save natural teeth. Severely injured, decayed, or infected teeth and their roots will ultimately be lost if a root canal is not performed.

Natural roots are vital to preserving your facial appearance because they are responsible for maintaining your jawbone. Where teeth are missing, the jawbone begins to recede. Missing several teeth can lead to an altered facial appearance, with a sunken look overlaying the area of missing teeth.

By contrast, successful root canal therapy offers benefits such as:

  • Alleviating pain
  • Preserving your natural tooth
  • Reducing the cost of expensive dental restorations such as dental implants or bridges
  • Reducing the risk of periodontal disease
  • Promoting  good oral health
  • Maintaining jawbone height and volume
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At North County Endodontics, we specialize in comfortable, successful root canal therapy. Our highly experienced endodontic specialists boast decades of experience in saving natural teeth. We have invested in the tools and advanced technology necessary to ensure your experience is comfortable. 

We use state-of-the-art dental and endodontic tools such as Zeiss dental microscopes, 3D digital radiography,  electronic apex locators, and ultrasonic devices to optimize treatment outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Root Canals

Is a root canal an uncomfortable procedure?
For most people, the procedure is not painful. North County Endodontics employs advanced tools coupled with decades of experience to minimize patient discomfort both during and after treatment.
Why does my tooth still hurt after a previous root canal?
Another dentist or endodontist may not have thoroughly removed all affected tissue if you’re still experiencing symptoms after undergoing a root canal in the past. We regularly and successfully perform endodontic retreatments to correct failed root canals. Sometimes teeth that continue to hurt after a root canal are cracked. Our doctors at North County Endodontics are experts in diagnosing cracked teeth and can advise you if further interventions may be fruitful or if tooth extraction may be necessary.
Why should I see an endodontist instead of a dentist when I need a root canal?
All endodontists are dentists, but not all dentists are endodontists. An endodontist specializes in treating the inner pulp of teeth. Because of their vast experience, years of additional education, and training, endodontists have highly specialized skills and the latest technologies that improve outcomes and patient comfort during procedures.
What does the root canal healing process involve?
Every patient is different. Generally, though, healing from a root canal usually takes a few days and rarely lasts longer than a week. If you experience minor discomfort after treatment, you can typically address it with over-the-counter medicine.
How long does root canal therapy take?
Although the length of the procedure can vary, it usually takes between an hour and 90 minutes to complete root canal treatment.

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