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Emergency Dental and Endodontic Treatments in Encinitas, CA

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North County Endodontics provides emergency dental and endodontic treatments in North County, San Diego. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency such as severe pain, a cracked tooth,  or a dislodged (avulsed tooth), call  760-944-0048 for emergency treatment.

What Is Emergency Treatment in Dentistry?

Dental emergencies arise for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, they’re the result of sudden trauma. For example, a bicycle accident may result in a cracked or severely loosened tooth.  In other instances, a painful infection may worsen due to undiagnosed problems that have gone untreated. Whatever the cause, our endodontic specialists are here to provide relief from pain and to save natural teeth with emergency dental care.

Emergency Dental and Endodontic Procedures Offered

Common and complex endodontic and dental emergency treatment procedures we are highly experienced in successfully providing at North County Endodontics include:

  • Pulpotomy- Similar to a root canal, but most often for young patients, a pulpotomy may be necessary if a tooth (often a primary or baby tooth) has developed inflammation or infection in the dental pulp.  Notably, a pulpotomy leaves the pulp in the tooth roots intact, removing only the pulp in the coronal part of the tooth.
  • Pulpectomy- A pulpectomy removes the pulp in the coronal part of the tooth (area above the gumline) as well as the pulp from the root canals.  This procedure may be necessary if a dental abscess has formed, or if the pulp has died. 
  • Dental Abscess- If a bacterial infection in a tooth’s pulp isn’t treated, a pocket of pus accumulates in a tooth and in the surrounding tissue. Known as a dental abscess, this painful condition can lead to tooth loss if emergency treatment is not sought immediately. The most common treatment for a dental abscess is a root canal.
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North County Endodontics has served North County San Diego communities for 25 years.  Our highly trained and experienced endodontists utilize all of the latest technologies, ranging from Zeiss microscopes to Cone Beam Computed Tomography, to produce painless 3D scans. 

In instances where a root canal is necessary to save a natural tooth, various innovative techniques and devices may be indicated, such as ozone gas injections or ozonated water irrigation for broad-spectrum microbial capabilities.

At  North County Endodontics, outstanding results and enhanced patient comfort are at the forefront of the treatments we provide, the technologies we embrace, and the design of our practice. Nervous or fearful patients may request fast-acting nitrous oxide (laughing gas), opt for headsets, and watch television during treatments. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Treatment

Is a pulpotomy or pulpectomy painful?
Children and adults can rely on the experienced team at North County Endodontics to prioritize comfort during their care. In addition to local anesthesia to completely numb the area of the mouth to be treated, we offer mild sedation via nitrous oxide to ensure patients of all ages are comfortable during their emergency dental treatment.
What are signs a child may need a pulpotomy or pulpectomy?
Signs that might indicate a child needs a pulpotomy or pulpectomy include dental pain, swelling in the cheek or jaw, and tenderness in the affected area.
What should I do if I’ve cracked a tooth?
Seek emergency care immediately to protect the interior of the tooth from infection. Infection can quickly kill a healthy tooth. If you’ve cracked a tooth during an accident, sports injury, or a fall, contact us immediately at 760-944-0048 for emergency care.
What are the symptoms of a dental abscess?
Dental abscesses are painful, with sharp, shooting, or stabbing sensations. As the infection spreads, you may experience pain in the face, or the neck. Swollen lymph nodes are another symptom of dental abscess. Any sudden onset of dental pain should be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible to reduce the risk of the infection spreading or of tooth loss.
Will I lose a tooth due to an infection or accident?
The faster you seek emergency endodontic care, the more likely it is that even a severely infected or damaged tooth may be saved. Natural teeth are essential to maintaining a strong jawbone and preventing additional tooth loss. To book emergency treatment for tooth pain or after suffering dental trauma, call North County Endodontics at 760-944-0048.

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If you need emergency endodontic care in or around Encinitas, CA, call North County Endodontics at 760-944-0048 today.

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