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Specialized Technology and Tools

For three decades, the team at North County Endodontics, in Encinitas, CA, has used state-of-the-art dental tools and advanced technology to provide premium endodontic care and patient outcomes. Call us at 760-944-0048 or send us a message to learn more or book an appointment.

Specialized Technology and Tools Used in Endodontics

Endodontic treatment requires absolute precision. New tools, less invasive techniques, and advanced technology improve precision while also enhancing patient comfort. Specialized hand tools, devices, imaging technology, and ultrasonic tools support our vast, specialized experience, help us deliver successful results.

The specialized endodontic tools and technology we use offer a range of benefits to patients. They include:

  • Greater efficiency
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Expedited recovery
  • More effective and thorough treatment
  • Greater diagnostic accuracy 
  • Successful outcomes from procedures

Specialized Technology and Tools at North County Endodontics

Technologically advanced devices, therapies, and technology we offer at North County Endodontics include:

  • GentleWave- Traditional root canal therapy involves using files and other such tools to remove a tooth’s infected or inflamed inner pulp tissue. The GentleWave Procedure involves removing the affected tissue with fluids and sound waves. These fluids and sound waves can reach areas traditional tools can’t always reach, allowing for more thorough cleaning and disinfecting.
  • EdgePRO® offers the most advanced laser-assisted endodontic technology available for root canal treatment to assist your Endodontist and Dentist in saving your tooth and restoring your oral health by removing the inflamed and infected tissue, debris and bacteria that is creating the source of your pain.
  • Mora Vision Real-Time Stereoscopic HD 3D Video- While using this highly advanced equipment, our endodontists wear 3-D glasses to view a flat-screen monitor instead of looking directly into a microscope. With a small camera angled in the patient’s mouth, endodontic procedures can be performed that require difficult-to-access angles using this advanced technology. 
  • High Power Microscopes- We have invested in the most powerful LED microscopes available, including Zeiss and Global microscopes. Our scopes are integrated with cameras for live viewing and recording and for capturing photographs during treatment.
  • Ozone therapy- Ozone gas injections and ozonated water can serve as a useful irrigant due to its microbial properties and ability to reach areas in a tooth that may otherwise be difficult to access.
  • Nitrous Oxide- We offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to pediatric patients and to those who have anxiety or fear about undergoing endodontic treatment. Nitrous oxide can help a patient remain calm and relaxed during a procedure.
  • Headsets and Mounted TVs- To make the experience of undergoing treatment as easy and comfortable as possible, we offer patients distractions, including noise-canceling headphones and entertaining programming.
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The endodontic specialists at North County Endodontics have long recognized the many benefits advanced technology offers in treating common and complex endodontic conditions.  In fact, Dr. Garland was the first endodontist in the nation to use the GentleWave system.

Throughout our three decades of service to our friends and neighbors in North County, we’ve invested in all technology and techniques that improve their endodontic experience and the outcomes of their procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions About Specialized Technology and Tools in Dentistry

Is the GentleWave root canal technique effective?
Yes. Because it can irrigate hard-to-reach spots, the GentleWave Procedure may be even more effective than traditional root canal therapy.
Is GentleWave invasive?
The GentleWave Procedure is much less invasive than older, traditional methods used to perform root canals.
Why use ozone instead of a traditional irrigant?
Ozone has a short half-life. After use, it breaks down fairly quickly without leaving behind unwanted by-products. Ozone may be preferred by patients who request a holistic approach to endodontic treatment.
When is using nitrous oxide an option?
Nitrous oxide has been used in medical and dental care for hundreds of years. Familiarly known as laughing gas, most patients are eligible for nitrous oxide upon request. Patients who are apprehensive or fearful of a variety of endodontic treatments are typically excellent candidates for nitrous oxide.
Do I need someone to drive me to my appointment if I receive nitrous oxide?
No. Nitrous oxide is fast-acting, and the effects wear off virtually immediately, so you may drive yourself to and from your endodontic appointment.
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At North County Endodontics, in Encinitas, CA, we invest in our patients’ comfort and successful care, by using all of the latest technologies to improve your endodontic treatment. To learn more or book an appointment, call 760-944-0048 or send us a message.

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